Company tradition for over 100 years

In the the middle part of 1990 the company was re-privatized and the the company was retransferred. In 1994 they received the Golden Clock Award. This is the highest award in the sweets industry and they were the first Eastern German company which received this award.

In 2000 Süßwarenfabrik Rudolf Hoinkis received DIN ISO certificate.

Rudolf Hoinkis founded Chokoladen- und Zuckerwarenfabrik in 1896. All kinds of sweets made from sugar and chocolate were produced. The company was known throughout Europe some years later.

In April 1908 Rudolf Hoinkis invented the famous sugar pearls called Liebesperlen.

In the first years after World War II rolled oats products and vitamin preparations were produced in the candy company.

In 1960 the factory was partially nationalised (50% owned by state and 50 % by private owner). On April 28th the Hoinkis family lost complete control and the name of the firm was changed. Now the new name was VEB Dragee.

The legend of Liebesperlen (sugar pearls)

The legend of the love pearls

Friday, 3. April 1908 - the hour of birth love pearls.

What happened?

Rudolf Hoinkis, an expert and inventor, created coloured sugar pearls but he had no names for them. He took them home and showed them to his wife and his son.

He said: "I love you like these pearls, which hove no name yet."

Emilie, his wife, answered spontanously: "So call them LOVE PEARLS."